Our Night at Monster Jam!

Well I think it’s safe to say my son had the time of his life last night at Monster Jam! After the show I got “Thanks mom, that was so much fun”, “mom that was so cool”, “can we go again tomorrow mom”, ” mom I loved all of those big trucks”
The show was approximately 2 1/2 hours in length with 1 intermission which I thought was a perfect amount of time, but my son would beg to differ. He wanted it to go all night!  Not only did they have monster jam trucks compete, but they also had a great show by the dirt bikers. They were amazing!  They were doing wheelies and back flips!
If you are planning on attending a show, I would definitely recommended ear plugs- for your child and yourself. It’s extremely loud!! If you forget to bring them, don’t worry you can buy some there.

Another exciting part of the evening for him was when the trucks flipped over and the tractor? (not sure what that machine is called) came out. This kid is obsessed with 3 things- trucks, cars and construction machines. He loved watching them flip the trucks back over and take them away.


I took this picture of him in the car passed out on the way home. He looked so cute. We bought him a big Monster Truck toy for a souvenir  – he held it all the way home, and slept with it last night as well! 
If you are interested in attending a show, visit their website here to see when they will be in your area next!! 🙂


  1. It's really fascinating to wonder about how much power these monster trucks pack, isn't it? Well, seeing as those hulking beasts can easily cruise through the air during a jump, I'd say they pack lots. And to see him exhausted right after the show? I'd say it's a given, haha! A show like that is as energy-guzzling for a spectator as anything else.

    Darryl Housand @ Haaker Equipment Company

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