Creating a Magic Theme Birthday Party!

My son turned 5 at the end of June, and for his birthday party he requested it to be a Magic Theme.
Since he wanted to invite most of his class, I decided to rent the same community centre I rented for both my kids last year. If you are interested in either a “Ballerina Theme birthday” or a “Construction Theme birthday” I have linked them here and here!
Planning this party was pretty easy. I knew the colours were going to be Black, Red and White. So, I went out to Dollar Tree and purchased the table clothes, balloons, cups, and plates all in the theme colours.
I had an idea to make the plates look like magic hats, so I just cut some black construction paper into strips, and added it to the tops of the plates. Then, I added a smaller white strip underneath that. To finish them off, I cut out bunny ears and placed them above the black strip as if they were popping out of the hats. The kids loved them!
I also made some magic wands for the kids as well. For those, I picked up some wooden dowels from the Dollar Tree and added some black electrical tape around them. Then, I cut some white file folder labels for the ends.
For some extra décor for the tables, I purchased  some playing cards from Dollarama and scattered them on the tables. I also added some black hats from Party City and filled them with chips.

I continued the Black, Red and White colours to the dessert table as well. I picked up a presentation board from the Dollar Tree and wrapped it with a black table cloth. Then, I cut pieces of a red table cloth and added it to the top and sides of the board to make it look like a curtain
I purchased a Magic Theme Party Package from Etsy that consisted of the “Abra Cadabra” sign, water bottle labels, tent cards, and cupcake toppers that I just cut out and placed on the tables.
I had custom cookies made that were decorated  to look like playing cards, and magic hats with bunnies on top. I also added cupcakes and candies that were black and red to match the theme.

Of course a Magic theme party wouldn’t be complete without having a Magician, so I hired one for an hour for entertainment for the kids. I used Scott Dietrich, see his website here. He was amazing with the kids. His magic show was about 45 mins in length and got the kids involved with the tricks. Once the show was over, he gets the birthday boy or girl to help make a rabbit appear. All the kids then get to pet the rabbit one by one. He also made a balloon creation for each child to keep.


For the loot bags, I basically did the same thing as the plates that resembled magic hats. I made them appear as though a bunnies ears were sticking of the bag, and I filled them with toys and candy for the kids to take home.  

The party was a huge success, all the kids loved it. Every time I looked over at my son, he had a big smile on his face. He had so much fun with his friends. I’m so happy it turned out well. Another birthday filled with many memories to remember.

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