Our Visit to Sky Zone in Whiby

Last weekend my son and I had the opportunity to visit the new Sky Zone located in Whitby, Ontario. I was so excited to spend some one on one time with him since I knew he would be starting school this week. We had a blast, and I can’t wait to share our experience with you.
As soon as we walked in the door, we were greeted by the friendly staff members at the front desk.
 We then had to headed over to the Waiver Station where we had to fill out all our information. We also had to agree to a document stating that they aren’t liable if we hurt ourselves. Once you agree, a copy of the document is emailed to you, and then you are directed back to the front desk to pay for your session. You have 4 times to choose from: 30 mins, 60 mins, 90 mins, or 120 mins. You need to wear socks to jump, but if you forget to bring a pair they do have some for purchase for $2 a pair.
They have lockers for your convenience to store any valuables that you might have, and a place to store your shoes. They also have a snack bar that consists of health options if you want to grab a bite to eat. 


Before starting, we were directed to a staff member to go over all sky rules and if we had any questions. We also had a sticker placed on our chests so the staff know what time we started, and what age group we were in. Toddlers are only allowed in certain areas, so my son had a special letter to identify his age which told the staff which areas he was allowed to be in. 
Here is the toddler area. They have 6 trampolines in this area as well as foam blocks for the kids to play with. I can’t say it enough, the staff members were amazing. My son was a bit nervous at first to jump, so a lovely lady grabbed some foam blocks and started to play with my son to make him feel more comfortable.

Here is the main court. This court is usually divided into 2. One section for adults, and the other for kids over the age of 6. It wasn’t busy during the time we were there, so my son got to jump on the adult section. If there were more people present, he would have had to remain on the toddler side. Also, if there is a birthday party held that day, there is a curtain that divides the court in half which gives the party their own private court.



Foam Zone was my son’s favourite section. This was open to all ages who can walk. You got to jump on the trampoline and land into a foam pit. What kid wouldn’t like to do that? I was having so much fun doing it too! lol 

 Sky Slam was pretty fun too! They have 3 basketball nets, set at different heights where you run and jump on the trampoline to dunk the ball.  

At Sky Zone, they also offer a few other courts where they have SkyFitness, SkyRobics and Dodgeball.
 For people not participating or parents that are part of a birthday party, they have a small lounge section which includes 3 couches and a TV.
For some extra fun for the kids, they have a Hurricane Simulator machine that you can try our for $2. I never tried it, but it looks pretty cool!
 Sky Zone also hosts birthday parties. If you are part of a birthday party or large group they have a separate area for check in. They also have separate lockers and private party rooms as well.

For more information on Sky Zone such as the hours, pricing and birthday party packages, visit their website HERE
Disclaimer: I was provided complementary admission for this post but all opinions are my own.   

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Were you able to jump with your son? How far apart were you? I want to go but since there's a toddler section I worry that I'll be jumping far away from him and not be able to pick him up when he falls.

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