How to Achieve Your New Years Resolutions!

Happy New Year! I can’t believe the holidays have come and gone, and we are at the start of a new year. Crazy how 2018 just flew by so fast!

Are you one to make New Years Resolutions? I know some people find them pointless, and stupid, but I always like to make new goals for myself each year. I choose 2 personal ones, and 2 professional ones that I want to accomplish each year.

If you’re one to make New Years Resolutions, but don’t stick to them throughout the year, here are some tips on how to achieve your goals:

  1. Have only 3-4 Goals. Don’t overwhelm yourself with an excessive amount of goals, because you might not be able to complete them all by the end of the year. Pick 3-4 goals that are really important for you to achieve, and work on them throughout the year.
  2. Be Realistic. You want your goals to be attainable. Don’t write something like you want to travel around the world, because you probably won’t be able to do that. If one of your goals is to Travel more, maybe attempt to travel to at least 2 new places this year. Start off small.
  3. Break down your goals. It’s OK to have big goals, but I find it easier to achieve those goals by breaking them down into smaller weekly or monthly goals. For example: Say you want to loose 25 pounds this year. Break down that goal by saying you want to try and loose 2 pounds each month.
  4. Be Organized. This is key. I can always think clearer, and get more done if I am super organized. So, try and keep your goals organized by maybe writing them down in a book so they are all in one place. This way you can make notes throughout the year. I keep my goals in the same book each year, so I can look back at the resolutions I made from past years as well.

Hope my tips help you achieve your New Years Resolution goals. Cheers to 2019! I have a lot, and exciting things coming to you for 2019 so stay tuned!

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